In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

In such a world, the truth is a severe burden, weighing upon your mind at every moment. Every facet of life becomes unbearably exhausting, as the manacles of truth bind your every step. So simple would it be to discard these hefty shackles, and be free like the rest…

And yet, something compels you to go on. A deep, visceral disgust for the weakness of those who shed the burden of truth for the comforts of ignorance. Why? Why do you struggle against an insurmountable foe?

Because truth is beauty, and beauty is truth. It is what motivates us to persevere in times of darkness, and ever cling to hope for a better future.

Today, I present you with a resplendent beauty. Like Joan of Arc before her, she will rally armies of men who will change the world. Their love for her will be without bound, for such divine beauty can alter the course of history itself.

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