The Dark Triad

Man’s first breath in this world was tainted with the stench of his own blood. Ever since his inception, he has had to fight for his life, his desires, and his offspring. Contrary to the female, no privilege was granted to man upon being born. He is of no inherent value; all of his worth must be earned. To be born worthless is the biological reality of every man in the history of humanity. As sperm is the abundant reproductive resource, its quality must be proven through the unforgiving gauntlet of evolution. And so, born worthless into a ruthless struggle for survival, with no knowledge or ability, man must make his mark upon the world. Or die trying, as evolutionary history has grimly reveald: we are the descendants of forty percent of our ancestors. The other sixty percent did not survive evolution’s feckless game, doomed to a brutish death without wife or children to remember them. It is with this grave knowledge that we must hallow our ancestors’ sacrifices, and seek to elucidate the dark world into which we are born. To understand the world, we must first understand ourselves.

Man (and woman) came into the world as a result of an unstable evolutionary equilibrium. Two strategies emerged: low and high investment in offspring, resulting in males and females respectively. Males, producing  the abundant resource that is sperm, had to compete for females and their scarce eggs. In addition, they had to compete with other organisms for survival by hunting and foraging while defending themselves from predation. Naturally, males were born with a variety of abilities and talents, and some were far better at hunting and foraging than others. Few non-hunter males survived, as advanced hunting ability was non-negotiable for sustenance, mate acquisition, and the rearing of offspring.  Thus, our earliest ancestors were the hunter-gatherers, the males which were chiseled through natural selection for hunting and all of its sub professions: tracking, trapping, tool creation and fire craft. These early ancestors originated in sub-Saharan Africa, where environmental conditions were extremely harsh. Death by predators and virulent pathogens (e.g. ancestors of malaria) was widespread. Combined with intra-male competition for females, this harsh environment led to the creation of man’s first social unit. This social unit consisted of the alpha male and a few close male relatives, in addition to the females they had amassed through skirmishes with other males. This “family unit” closely resembled the wolf pack, where an alpha male and a few related males guard a harem of females. The number of females was constrained by the protective ability of the alpha male’s team, in addition to their ability to provide food for the females and their subsequent offspring. The chain of command was simple: the alpha male ruled all. Any subservient males were in complete submission to the alpha, serving as an extra pair of hands and feet ruled by his mind. The subordinate males had little to no access to females, and would be driven out if they made any attempts. They existed solely to help the alpha male hunt, and were allowed enough food to subside.

The hunter-gatherer pack rewarded male cooperation in direct proportion to the rewards of big game hunting. If there was game large enough that it required a group of ten adult males to subdue, the alpha male had incentive to keep more of his male relatives in the pack. Initially, packs remained small, with one alpha male and one or two close male relatives guarding a handful of females. As man spread throughout Africa and into Eurasia to discover exotic game, larger packs began to form. These large packs were the first iterations of man’s second social unit: the tribe. The tribe consisted of the smallest number of men necessary to hunt the largest prey, and as many females as they could feed and defend. Male hierarchy was established, as this was the most efficient way of coordinating a hunting party. The alpha male called the plays, and the others assisted him in their designated roles. The alpha male now had to distribute the fertile females among the males to motivate them to hunt and prevent mutiny. Females were distributed based on status within the male hierarchy; those closest to the alpha male received the most females, and those furthest received the least.

This was a turning point in human society, as male success was now directly a function of his standing within the male hierarchy. A successful man had to be ruthless with his enemies in battle, confident with his peers in the hunt, and diplomatic when engaging the tribe. Hunting skill was decoupled from the definition of success, and man was rewarded for mastery of a diverse personality. Status within the tribe was paramount, as higher status directly resulted in more mating opportunities. As a tribe grew larger, more emphasis was placed on these personality traits than an individual’s skills, since one hunter’s ability was less crucial to a large hunting party. The seeds of the dark triad had been sown.

With the dawn of agriculture, the tribe led to the city-state.  Male hierarchies expanded rapidly, and a man’s success became increasingly linked to his status. Skills were common and fungible, and men who could extract submission from skilled laborers owned the rights to the fruits of their toil. No longer did a man need to risk life and liberty as a soldier, merchant, or artisan to shell out a living. He merely needed to claim sufficient status to command skilled subordinates to do his bidding. Status had become an end unto itself. Ruthlessness led to psychopathy, confidence to narcissism, and diplomacy to sociopathy. The dark triad was unleashed, and the men born with its dark brand infiltrated the highest echelons of male hierarchy.

The triads thrived off status, disposing of whomever stood in their way with whatever means necessary. Extortion, murder, blackmail, torture…these were but a few of the countless tools in a the dark triad’s malevolent arsenal. The fearlessness of a bullfighter, the drive of a serial killer, and the charm of an actor were forged together to create an unstoppable status seeking machine, cutting down its enemies with impunity. The triads would only cooperate when it was in their benefit, and would never hesitate to betray anyone for the right gain. They were lone wolves and trusted no one, yet commanded the fear and love of their citizenry with status alone. Such effective parasites were they, that as city-states became nations, and nations became empires, their powers only grew. Their success had proven itself: they had taken the reigns of every major society in existence. They were without allegiance, without ideology, and without morals. They had one purpose: to extract submission from all.

How did honest skilled men allow such rapacious parasites to commandeer their society? They didn’t. They attempted to enact laws to punish the triads’ tactics, but they were always one step behind. It boiled down to a simple truth: the honest men were unwilling and incapable of fighting the triads at their own game. These men were uncomfortable gambling with their lives like the triads, and moral compunctions stayed their hands when it came to dealing with their ilk. And thus, the only way to defeat a member of the dark triad was to become one.

And so it came to pass that these dark folk, blindly picked by old natural selection, came to dominate all terrestrial life. Those born without the dark brand are forever at their mercy, unable and unwilling to play their insane game. They are all around us; when we hear of conspiracy theories, of men behind the veil, of hooded figures scheming in the night. Yet make no mistake: no two dark triads work together forever. Their only goal is complete domination, and if they allow a moment of weakness by maintaining an honest alliance with another man, they shall be overturned and deposed. Such is the nature of the game, and thus, why we shall never convict the wizard behind the curtain as the One Great Evil. Alas, he is forever being deposed and overthrown by other equally evil men whose desires compel them onward. Those conceived with the seed of the dark triad are eternally dominated by its unwavering directive, nudging them maddeningly onward. Like Chinese water torture, these impulses do not weaken and do not stop; the drops of darkness reminding a triad of his singular purpose, as he is strapped helplessly naked before evolution’s cruel design.

Alas dear reader, it does not end here. For I have neglected to mention the final clue in this disquieting mystery: woman. Your deepest fears shall be realized once you understand that women, for their part, can only feel true love when mating with a dark triad. This is because women have come to love these men who dominate all others, who survive the harshest situations by commanding the skills of far more qualified men, and who have no moral, ethical, or spiritual reserve when extracting submission. Natural selection guarantees that the dark triads shall survive all others in the most dire circumstances, for they will not stop at anything to achieve their goals. They do not understand good or bad, right or wrong; only desire. It is this trait which makes them irresistible to females, for they have already been selected countless times in the past by evolution herself. We have not always lived in pampered civilizations; the history of humanity is rife with death and destruction. Yet, time and time again, the triads have survived all challenges and produced the most successful offspring. This has resulted in an instinctual love of these traits by women, regardless of origin or ethnicity. It is the universal desire of woman, a desire so powerful it overrides logic and emotion and makes her a willful agent of her own seduction. Few can accept this truth, for it is ramifications are naught but dire.

And yet here we stand. In a society where women are emancipated to seek their deepest desires, we see this trend play out like clockwork. As the twilight of enforced monogamy draws ever closer around the world, the dark triads eclipse all other men. Some curious men have seen its sorcery at work with females, and to this day attempt to mimic its motions. Yet as these practitioners of Game learn more about the truth, they realize that aping behavior is insufficient. They must transform their entire existence to reflect a physical manifestation of the dark triad, becoming indistinguishable from the natural product. This is because females can sniff the faintest scent of a decoy, and their scorn is formidable if they find they have been duped. Only by embodying the very definition of evil can we fulfill our desires, and the desires of our beloved women.

So be it.

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  1. Matador

     /  October 24, 2011

    And the saga continues…
    This blog is the perfect prequel to the truths discussed on Heartiste and elsewhere.

    I genuinely believe that most men are dark triads, many of us inherited those traits, simply because our most successful ancestors, those who hoarded large harems, were psychopatic narcissistic sociopaths. Most men (not all), even the most beta, are just alphas who ignore themselves.

    It’s only in our “pampered civilization”, where Disney and feminism led us to lose touch with these essential masculine traits, that men tend to become the harmless puppies that our family, society and nebulous third parties want us to become.

    When we open our eyes, through personal experience, game literature, the red pill, whatever… there is no way to look back. The dark instincts can be mastered, in a calculated way to stay out of trouble. But once the beast is unleashed, it cannot be stopped.

    That’s why monogamy is doomed. Not because females are liberated and are free to ruin families in order to run with the first alpha at hand, that risk alone can be contained by proper game-based LTR management. But it’s doomed because more and more men will be less likely to commit to one particular woman. Love weighs very little compared to the dark triad traits and the powerful masculine instinct to hoard females in one giant harem.

    I am curious about your predictions, mine are pretty gloomy. But yeah i know… one step at a time 🙂

  2. doclove

     /  October 25, 2011

    All of your articles are concise, clear and brillant thus far! I’m not so sure that monogamy won’t return after a long lapse like the first commetator says. Monogamy will probably return when the collapse is complete enough. If he doubts, then read your previous article, “Pandora’s Box”. The path we are on will eventually lead to violence once the government is no longer able tp pay to keep order, and the education and media propoganda machines will either be ignored or fall apart too along with the government. Feminism is part of the reason our economy is going down which is why the government, education and media will go down with it or shortly thereafter. Someone has to pay for it all, and we’re running out of money. Then it leads to the most violent of men will be able to beat the slickest talkers. Then they will get more and more organized. If we people don’t destroy ourselves, we can rebuild civilization. Remember enforced monogamy in marriage and Father’s absolute power, Pater Potentas, caused the Roman Republic to defeat all before it before it gave up these two things late in the Republic and Early Empire. It was only a matter of time before the Roman Empire fell. These wern’t the only reasons for the Roman Republic’s rise, but they were crucial. Men will fight ferociously hard if they have a right to a loyal wife and biological children to call their own as was seen again and again with the Ancient Roman Republic being one example. Often bigger and always better armies will defeat their less well matched oppponenets. The Ancient Romans usually won against the harem societies is an example be they Celtic, Jewish etc.

  3. doclove

     /  October 25, 2011

    I forgot to add that men will fight hardest for a loyal woman and their own biological or maybe honestly adopted children. Men will fight harder for this than anything else. This is why matriarchies and harem societies tend to lose to the patriarchies and monogamous societies in the long run.

  4. Matador

     /  October 25, 2011

    Sure, Doclove. But what would be the argument to tame women’s hypergamy?
    In the past, religion did a great job, but now that it’s relegated to empty churches and porn stars wearing the cross, I can’t imagine a new social construct to convince women to go for betas, who constitute the majority of males.

    How can we do it? Explain to women that they’re hypergamous, and therefore, in order for civilization to thrive, they need to go for undesirable mates? Good luck with that. lol.
    Women don’t respond to rational arguments. Religion succeeded because it fed women’s emotional needs. A beta companionship metadeath, for the sake of nothing except the abstract concept of civilization, won’t cut it for women. They’d prefer to follow the alpha males back to the caves rather than living with a beta in a civilized world.

    The other way is to push men to alpha up, but the problem is that game is an art, not all men will be equally successful. And those who succeed tend to avoid commitment.

    Thus my pessimism.

  5. doclove

     /  October 25, 2011

    @ Matador
    I respect your comments and think you make valid arguements, but I respectfully disagree. A more civilized society will tend to dominate a less civilized one in the long run. This can come from foreign domination or it can come from a revolution be they peaceful or violent. If men’s needs are met, civilization will follow. We may never live to see the day it will occur, but I believe it will occur. To think that even though civilization is a thin veneer, that some men in the future won’t cooperate is improbable. Women will do what men want when men learn to hang together or hang seperately again. I love women and have three younger sisters, but reality is women’s rights are enforced by men, not the other way around. The new paradigm whatever that is must tell women that in order for some of their wants and rights to be enforced, mens’ rights and wants must be enforced. At best, men will be kind enough to make a good compromise, at worst men won’t. I’m Christian and Catholic by the way, and I don’t necessarily think religion will be necessary in the new paradigm, but it might be, and it would help tremendously either way. Too many beta and omega males who have no access to good loyal women and biological children will laugh at women when a stronger force emerges to halt and reverse the decline of our civilization. Why shouldn’t they laugh and destroy the Alphas who aren’t even as smart as the ancient civilized Alphas who won’t even let them have scraps like they did in the past? Why shouldn’t they eventually come to an understanding that in order to have what they want, women must no longer be allowed to implement misandry with the Alpha males? They shouldn’t, and I believe that eventually, this too will come to pass. Even Roissy, Roosh, W.F. Price and Ferdinanad Bardamu agree with me. One day whether or not I live to see the day misandry will come to pass. Have faith.

  6. Excellent discussion. Salient points made by both regarding the decline and re-emergence of civilization. My next post will discuss my thoughts on this matter, as they are legion. I am humbled by the intellectual level of discourse thus far. You gentlemen have set an exemplary precedent for future discussion.

  7. Blackbeard

     /  January 23, 2012

    When are you gonna make a new blog post? All of your writing is incredible. MORE!!!!

  8. I apologize for the extended leave of absence my dear readers. I hope to return as soon as time permits.

  9. kronos1978

     /  February 13, 2012

    Dear DT,

    please return, your thoughts about human nature are some of the most enlightening I ever read. Also, could you kindly suggest some further reading? Since I am a biologist myself, it could also be primary literature.

    Thanks, Kronos

  10. Alex Danielle

     /  February 20, 2012

    I can’t believe that a Biologist has commented saying how good this ‘review’ is.
    I’m only a student in Evolutionary Psychology and I can say that this ‘review’ would be thrown back in my face. I give you credit the discussion and the evaluation is more than good, but that is nothing without references. Evidence is everything.
    And also some of the points you have made have grossly exaggerate the literature (if you have read it). But women can only feel true love when mating with a dark triad, really?
    In short the dark triad is a short term mating strategy with a goal of increasing a man’s inclusive fitness, which means more of his genes get passed on to the next generation.
    Inclusive fitness is what you have tried to explain in the first paragraph.

  11. kronos1978

     /  February 21, 2012

    Dear Alex,

    From your comment, it becomes obvious that you are only (!) a student, sorry to say that.
    Altough theses articles here surely contain some thoughts which are fueled by things the author read elsewhere (e.g. the fact that the current population is deducted from only 40% of male ancestory), the articles here are not “reviews” and are not intended for publication in a scientific journal. This is a blog and the articles herein are thoughts of a single person, therefore citations could be done, but are not absolutely required. What you read here, is an OPINION, it’s not primary data and it’s not a review – I hope you become aware of this difference during your education.

  12. Claud1us

     /  March 5, 2012

    Awesome. Polemic, but polemic at its very best. I won’t argue the finer points, lest the poetry in the text is sullied. Looking forward to your new insights.

  13. Alpha Demon

     /  March 16, 2012

    I hope resume writing, Dark Triumvir. Poetic indeed.

  14. doclove

     /  March 30, 2012

    @ Dark Triumvir
    I re-read the article and the comments too. I hope you return soon. I want to add to my previous post that the Ancient Romans, modern day Italians, under Gaius Iuliius Ceasar admitted that when they attacked ancient Gallia, modern day France, that the Gauls were bigger, stronger, faster and much more numerous than the Romans. Yes the Romans were better equipped and trained. How did this happen? It was because the Romans co-operated together, had better technology and had a better system. Why did the Romans co-operate better, have better technology and have a better system? It is because they knew that they either had good loyal wives at home as well as children to truly call their own or they had the possibility of gaining good loyal wives and children to truly call their own. The Gauls were less certain of this. The Romans were more able to create better technology, better systems and co-operate better because their men’s energy was released from chasing women and trying to retain women into making these things happen.

    Most women really don’t know what a waste of time they are when it comes to creating, maintaining and improving civilization in comparison to men on average. You can say that women are acting a more civilized than men these days. My response is so what because watch as a our civilization declines except for the improving technology. Barbarism grows. Why? You don’t need to incentivise women too much for marriage and civilization, but you do need to incetivise men a lot for these things. It’s difficult enough to threaten women to obey, and it’s at least as difficult and even more difficult to threaten men to obey. Punishments and threats rarely work for long and even if they do people become passive-aggressive and do as little as possible while positive incentives almost always work the best to motivate people. Almost all our feminists and most of our social conservatives be they men or women have forgotten this. Civilization declines.

    Until the laws and enforcement of those laws improves for men, things will get worse. Marriage rates decline. Bastardy rates go up. Civilization declines except for the improving technology while Barbarism increases. Humanity does not live on bread and circuses alone. Ideas and better living matter.

  15. Jim

     /  September 23, 2012

    More posts, please!

  16. Go

     /  October 4, 2012

    It’s been one year later. You’re a talented writer and itd be a shame if you never made another post.


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